Our Boys

ASCA  AKC CH After All's For A Good Time Call DNA-VP


Sire: HOF AKC/ASCA CH Ivory Isle Meets The Criteria
Dam: ASC CH Vinelake's Great Wall After All

Digit's page

Digit's offspring

ASCA CH Upncomin's Locked And Loaded RM, DNA-VP


Sire: CH Macon Whoopie Again DNA-CP
Dam: ASCA/AKC CH Upncomin's Pure Obstinance DNA-VP

Colt's page

Frozen semen and stud packet upon request

Upncomin's Little Red Wagon STDs, OTDs


Sire: WTCH Molly's Awsome Austin Circle S RS-N, DNA-VP
Dam: Upncomin's Purely Iresistable RM, DNA-VP

Flyer's page

Flyer will be standing to a limited number of approved bitches in 2018.
Please contact us for further information.